Just a boy – Alaina Castillo

The new Song “Just a boy” from Alaina Castillo is amazing song from a incredible Musician. Here is a small extract from the lyrics.

I know you said that you would never hurt me
But it’s not your fault, I’ll still think the worst anyway, yeah
Let’s be clear, I know that I can trust you
When you’re under me, but tell me honestly

If you alone
With some hoe who I don’t know
And she gets too close for comfort, says she good at secrets
Would you say no or let your body take control?

‘Cause you’re just a boy
You’ve got a switch in your head
I’ve seen how quick you forget yourself
I know it all too well
‘Cause you’re just a boy
You go from careful to wild
And what if I’m not by your side
When she f*cks with your honesty?
‘Cause you’re just a boy

The new cut is disco, it’s dance, it’s fun and fresh…Watch the video on Youtube and see what Alaina has published.

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